Bocar US is a leading supplier of quality aluminum assemblies and components in the global automotive industry.

Bocar US, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bocar International GmbH, was incorporated in November 2017. The Bocar US facility is located in Huntsville, Alabama, central to many automotive OEMs across the Southeast. Using the latest technology and innovation expertise, the US plant houses the production of lightweight aluminum, automotive structural, and power train parts.

The Bocar US Plant began production in 2020

The 330,880 sq. ft. Bocar US production facility is located within the city limits of Huntsville, Alabama. High-end structural aluminum parts are being produced by the plant to fulfill the demands for weight reduction and lowering of CO2 emissions in the industry. 

Our Customers

Our customers include Daimler, Toyota, Ford, and other leading automotive OEMs.

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